Hi, folks.

So, here’s what Castle Debacle is: A permanent home for the contests, like The Great Tea Debacle, as well as some of the delightful and serious conversations that appeared around it and because of it.

You didn’t think we’d just let it all vanish after the first Tea Debacle ended, did you? A’course not.

There’s free tea (and beer, Ed) in the comments of this post.


22 Responses to “Hi, folks.”

  1. Pete Tzinski Says:

    (No one’s here, that means the tea’s for me’s!)

  2. mymidnightmuse Says:

    But who gets the beer?

  3. Pete Tzinski Says:

    You guys can have that. Leave me with my unfermented tea, thanks.

  4. Pete Tzinski Says:

    It’s home-brewed dark Mexican beer, too.

  5. Lori Says:

    *Steals a cup of tea from Pete while he’s talking beer with Ed.*

  6. Ed, the Shadow Ferret Says:

    No, I meant “Wha?” as in “Wha?”

  7. mymidnightmuse Says:

    As it – What the heck is this? This, my dear Ferreted Friend, is Castle Debacle. Home of The Contests. Home of The Serious Writerly Talk. Home of . . . Well it’s home.

  8. Pete Tzinski Says:

    Oh, THAT sort of “Wha?”

    What are you “Wha?”ing about?

  9. Soccer Mom Says:

    I brought cookies and wiped my feet. Can I come in?

  10. Ed, the Shadow Ferret Says:

    Ah, so it’s one more blog place to distract me from writing.

    Got it. 😉

  11. Pete Tzinski Says:

    Home on derange,
    Where the writers and artisans play.
    Where seldom is heard,
    A constructive word,
    And the drinks flow freely all day.

  12. mymidnightmuse Says:

    *applauds, then lights Bic*

  13. Pete Tzinski Says:

    You just lit your Butt In Chair? Ye gads.

  14. Soccer Mom Says:

    The number of pages popping up is making me feel slightly woozy.

    O I wish I was in the land of Debacle
    Writing there is quite the spectacle
    Books away, books away, books away
    Writing friends.

    In the land of Debacle a blog was born in
    Late there on a November morning
    Books away, books away, books away
    Writing friends.

    In the Castle Debacle I’ll take my stand
    And write my next book in longhand
    Books away, books away, books away
    Writing friends.

  15. Pete Tzinski Says:

    *applauds and lights Kristine’s BIC*

  16. tjwriter Says:

    She said Bic, not what you said Pete, which was Butt In Chair (BIC) <—See? It’s all caps.

    If you’re going to acronymn, acronymn properly. Sheesh! I can’t leave you people alone for a second. Honestly.

  17. Pete Tzinski Says:

    Well, if we’re going to be Miss Serious Word Usage Pants, then it would technically be B.I.C. wouldn’t it? so nyah.

    *realizes he’s in hitting range. Moves right quick.*

  18. Ed, the Shadow, Ferret Says:

    *sees the mood of the room and decides not to make any “lighting fart” jokes*

  19. Jeanne Says:

    It’s raining here. About to have a pot of apricot tea.

    “Thrilling” update alert over. 😀

  20. Cath Says:

    Ooooh, this looks shiny!

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