Nipples on the Bat Suit

Earlier today, while talking to Lori and Pete, I likened literary agents to Nipples on the Batsuit, which drew an instant response from Pete that went something like “We DON’T talk about the nipples on the batsuit!”

So naturally I had to.

Speaking of other things that don’t make a whole lot of sense on the surface, I was going through the search terms that wordpress tells me folk have been using to find Castle Debacle, and some of them are way out there.

Zombies and sex are a common combination that lead folk here. Though why anyone in their right mind would Google “Sex with zombies” makes me shiver.

Anything and everything to do with Firefly, specifically the Reavers, bring a lot of traffic here.  Honestly, as Pete suggested, we should just blog daily about Firefly and watch the hits roll in.

Another one that makes me shake my head: Why Pangea Doesn’t Exist.  Where Pangea Went.  Um . . . . hello?

Or one that made ME go Googling: Species 8472.  That one comes up a lot.

Gorram. Another Firefly reference,  Gorrammit.

Some of them are simply looking for a good Tea, while others clearly just want to snog the undead.

So far, no one’s come ’round here wondering why there are nipples on the Batsuit though.


7 Responses to “Nipples on the Bat Suit”

  1. Pete Tzinski Says:


    And, in my Geekiness, I look down on you for having to Google Species 8472. *snoot*

    And I do love the idea of having lost track of Pangea. Honestly, mate, we had it here a moment ago, barely took me eye off’f it…

  2. mymidnightmuse Says:

    Well your geekiness, SOME of us have . . . well, no, I guess we haven’t.

    But I know where Pangea went and I’M NOT TELLIN’!

  3. rllgthunder Says:

    Why talk about them when you can go see them.

  4. Pete Tzinski Says:

    I saw that movie in the theaters. I’ve never recovered. All of the frames that didn’t have Alicia Silverstone in them were horrible. *shudder*

  5. tjwriter Says:

    *Backs slowly out of the post.*

  6. Lori Says:

    The image only furthers the question, Rllg. Why ARE there nipples on the batsuit? Are Bruce Wayne’s nipples so huge that they need special depressions in the armor of the batsuit to protect them? Does he have a nipple fetish and wants people to touch his nipples? Was the breastplate of the batsuit iced down when it was being created? Should we beware of Batman’s nipples?

  7. Pete Tzinski Says:

    Perhaps they were diamond-tipped, and he would use them to cut through windows?

    Perhaps Joel Schumacher had some seriously weird fetishes that he brought into that movie?

    (Starting with the fundamentally stupid question “When you think of the Dark Knight, do you think George Clooney?”)

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