This is a page where your questions are answered! Wondering about the contest? Or where to send tea? Or money? Well, this is where to ask. Post your question in a comment, we’ll post our answer. Isn’t that nice?

Contact Information:


If you want to privately get in touch with us, for whatever reason, then below is how you do it:



Pete Tzinski: p(dot)tzinski(at)gmail(dot)com

Kristine Williams: Kristine (at) wavecable(dot) com

Lori Basiewicz: Lori(at)quoincommunications(dot)net


41 Responses to “FAQ”

  1. Ed, the Shadow, Ferret Says:

    Why are we moderated here? (I noticed Kristine’s new wordpress place is moderated, too.)

    Don’t you [BLEEP!] trust us not to [BLEEP!] keep it [BLEEP!] clean?

  2. Pete Tzinski Says:

    You’re not moderated. It’s just that on any wordpress place, the first time you comment, it asks the moderator whether or not to allow you. It does it with every WordPress blog. It did it with CPD for a long time too. But once I approve the variations of a given person, they can come and go.

  3. Ed, the Shadow, Ferret Says:

    Ah, so I only noticed it because I went from Shadow Ferret, to Ed, the Shadow Ferret, to Ed, the Shadow, Ferret. Gotcha.

  4. tjwriter Says:

    Um, on the Penman Shipwreck FAQ page, you invite the reader to drop any of “us” a line, yet you don’t have an “About” page to tell the reader who “us” is.

    Kinda like the infamous “They”. To make this a question: Are you going to fix that?

  5. Pete Tzinski Says:

    Yes. In the fullness of time, when the pebbles have voted on the avalanche.

    Which is to say…yeah, soon as I remember. We need an “About” page and I’ll least my e-mail, and Kristine’s and Lori’s too, if they want ’em listed. Otherwise, it’ll just be mine.

  6. tjwriter Says:

    M’kay. Just wondered, you know, for those poor souls who wander onto the Castle grounds all unawares. Or to give you a hard time. Whatever.

  7. Pete Tzinski Says:

    It’s a good question. I’m thinking it’ll go here on the FAQ page, once I get sorted out what information I want to have listed. Meanwhile, I put my e-mail up, so anything that needs to can go to me and from there, I’ll edit it to fit my opinions and send it to the others. Easy!

  8. mymidnightmuse Says:

    Yes, apologies for the dust – it’s still settling. So if there’s anything else that seems a bit unkempt, we’re breaking out the Pledge!

  9. Pete Tzinski Says:

    (the Pledge being a piece of paper we all signed that says “No more drinking until this place is in shape,” so now you know what to expect from us…)

  10. Lori Says:

    You can blame me for the place being opened to the public while it’s still under construction.

  11. Pete Tzinski Says:

    You can blame me for…well, nothing really, I’m pleased to say. All I did around here was the hard work! πŸ˜€

  12. tjwriter Says:

    LOL! I was just picking on you all.

  13. Lori Says:

    Pete’s right. He and Kristine did do all the work getting this place ready. All I basically did was:

    “Yeah, guys, it looks nice.”

    “Um, don’t you think that banner looks a little messy?”

    “Okay. Whatever you two decide.”

    “Don’t bother me. I’m working here.”

    “You know, it doesn’t have to be perfect. Why don’t you go ahead and open it to the public now?”

    That and I sent them 16th century sex poetry.

  14. Pete Tzinski Says:

    That means that the bit we don’t get enough credit for is not actually having a severe drinking problem. 16th century sex poetry is a good cause for it.

    She forgot the key bit where she suggested further work by twisting our arms into something called “Project Slush Pile”

    A font of helpfulness, our Lori.

    Also, that was not a Q, FA or otherwise.

  15. Cath Says:

    So, how does this work? Can we all sign up to post or do we just entertain you through the comments?

  16. Lori Says:

    The Current Big Bright Idea is a combination of blog and forum, where the conversation occurs in the comments section. The three of us very much want to drive traffic to everyone’s blogs, not just our own and not just the Castle Debacle, so, we hope, that everyone will post their own “thread starters” on their blogs the same as we will do here and on The Commune, My Midnight Muse, and CarrPeeDiem.

    Castle Debacle will be devoted almost entirely to conversation about the various debacles (aka contests aka challenges). We want to keep the conversation alive and going between debacles is all and work to improve the sense of community.

    I’ll get a blogroll up with links to everyone’s individual blogs up as soon as possible. (Which means after I finish the paper that is due tomorrow.)

  17. tjwriter Says:

    I have another issue.

    On the current pages for the Debacle and Penman Shipwreck, those pretty graphics don’t fit all the way in the middle column. There’s just not enough room or something. So my question is: Am I the only one or am I just crazy?

  18. Pete Tzinski Says:

    They’re centered for me. But what resolution are you running? That could very well be a problem (and something I’ll need to take into account when I redesign graphics eventually)

  19. Soccer Mom Says:

    Everything slides off the right for me as well. The banners read “Penman Shipwrec” and “Castle Debac”

  20. Pete Tzinski Says:

    Hmmm. Interesting. I know what the problem is. Now to fix it to my own satisfaction.

  21. Jeanne Says:

    You know, it never occurred to me that everyone would be over on FAQ, versus other parts of the site. I never go to FAQs, and would have avoided this one but I saw that Cath had made some comment and so wandered over.

    *Contemplates if the others knew of my FAQ aversion. Decides paranoia takes time away from manic writing and so chooses not to care.*

    And, it all looks fine to me.

  22. tjwriter Says:

    Screen resolution is set to 1024×768, just so you know.

    Just got home and is now running next door. Yay! I think I’m gonna stay up tonight and clean, you know, in case anyone was curious.

  23. Arachne Jericho Says:

    There’s not enough room for the header image. I had this problem with the other Castle Debacle page, too. Solutions include: giving the middle column a set width (looks to be a stretch template so you shouldn’t have too many problems) or making the header images smaller (which is not the most solid of solutions, unless you can assume 1024×860).

    I run a widescreen, but the thing is that this page is by far the widest site I have run into (to fit everything on the page, anyways), and I visit sites that are heavy into backgrounds… and various three-column sites across the interwebs…. this page exceeds 1060 pixels to fit the header images in, I believe.

    You might want to try to be about as wide as Whatever. That’s plenty wide without excessiveness.

  24. Arachne Jericho Says:

    PS: Whatever is about 1020 pixels wide.

  25. Arachne Jericho Says:

    It’s been pointed out to me that I was being condescending here. My apologies on that. I will keep a watch on myself and I will try not to be that stupid again, and offer any opinions in the future with grace instead of arrogance.

    If you like, you can nuke my so-called advice, which is neither useful or appropriate. Actually, nuking all my posts in this thread is probably best.

  26. Cath Says:

    Ok, sorry to harp on a little – so you’ll set debacles or challenges or whatever, and we discuss them here? Are you going to have avenues for us to suggest challenges we might find useful too?

    The only thing about the blog format as it is is that it doesn’t allow anyone other than yourselves to start a topic of interest. Unless you use it as part of a debacle blog ring – is that more what you have in mind when you say linking to our own blogs?

  27. mymidnightmuse Says:

    Maybe this will help. What Castle Debacle Is:

    Once upon a time, Lori mentioned to Kristine that she and Pete once competed for word counts. Kristine then challenged Pete to write for tea. Word got out, and it became The Great Tea Debacle. People joined, fun was had. Then because Pete and Kristine had also been discussing writing by hand, and others of our kind mentioned a desire to write a novel by hand, the Penman Shipwreck was created. We’re still working on the details, but I assure you we have a handle on the whole thing.

    That’s when we realized it would be much easier for the three of us to create a blog specifically for these contests, rather than hosting it on Pete and Carrie’s blog. Since that’s, well, Pete and Carrie’s blog. Kristine’s blog is also seperate, as is Lori’s blog.

    So Castle Debacle is – for want of a better term – Pete, Lori and Kristine’s blog.

    Here we talk about writing, talk about our three (yes, there’s a third) writing contests, and hang out with folks who swing by to talk in comments. We have many plans in the future, we have contests being planned and lots of fluff going on back stage. We hope that folks will stop by, read the blog, and have lots of fun things to add and discuss in the comments.

    We in no way wanted to run a forum. There’s AW for that, and it serves a fantastic purpose. We all have blogs, too, as do most of our participants, and Castle Debacle isn’t here to take away from any of those – but rather to enhance and encourage them.

    And drink tea πŸ™‚

  28. Pete Tzinski Says:

    I just wanna add my own emphasis to that last paragraph there: the big thing was, we didn’t want to run a competing forum, and at the same time…I wasn’t thrilled with having the contest information centralized on CPD. I want CPD to be visited and checked equally to any other blog, and not more because it’s got a contest page on it, you know? I know I wasn’t the center of attention…but I didn’t want to be as close, if that makes sense.

  29. mscelina Says:

    That makes sense to me. πŸ˜‰

  30. Jeanne Says:

    Erm, okay. πŸ˜€ Who do I tell that my posts are showing up out of order? (LOL!) I don’t know how to change my timestamp HERE (it’s right on my computer), but I think it’s the timestamp that’s making it look like I’m commenting at an earlier point in (at least) this thread than I actually am. Not a big deal, but could be really confusing somewhere along the line.

  31. Cath Says:

    Okay, cool.

    I’m really just trying to get a handle on how useful it’s going to be for me at this point. I’m way behind you guys on the writing thing, so I’m not really sure I’ll get much out of the site. But I do wish you well with it – and I’ll pop through and annoy you if you don’t mind too much. πŸ™‚

  32. MidnightMuse Says:

    The time stamp is word press using the time set for the blog, vs the time set for users – it’s odd, but it’s no real big issue. We’ll be skimming through previous stuff to make sure no question is missed. πŸ™‚

    Cath, I do hope you pop through more often than not – we look forward to your comments and insights. And you might even find this place very useful, no matter what point you’re at as a writer.

    And if not, I’ll be sure and pour you a cup of tea and have some of those whaddayacallit, biscuits, around πŸ˜€

  33. Lori Basiewicz Says:

    You’re not the first one that’s happened to today, Jeanne. Pete says it’s a normal WordPress glitch. I know it, er, sorta happened after I changed the time zone in my profile. I wonder if that could be causing it, although that doesn’t make much sense.

  34. Arachne Jericho Says:

    Gremlins. :wonders if this will pop up before or after Lori’s post?:

  35. Jeanne Says:

    Hey, I’m incapable of doing this, but has anyone considered making a Castle Debacle icon, like was made for the TGTD? It would be kind of cool to have it on our sigs if we wanted. NO idea if it’s a tonnage of work or not, like I said, not my forte or ability, but if someone’s making one, I’d love to display it.

  36. Pete Tzinski Says:

    I can make an icon or small banner easy. It’ll be later on tonight, probably. Busy busy day!

  37. Pete Tzinski Says:

    As for the wordpress timestamp issue, it’s just an occasional glitch. Sometimes, I manually fix it if I’m trying to talk in a conversation that’s being checked right now. Usually, I ignore it. There’s been a number of times when that glitch, on CPD, has fixed itself outright.

  38. Shadow Ferret Says:

    What is Project Slush Pile?

    (Am I the only one who knows what a FAQ is for?) :p

  39. mymidnightmuse Says:

    Project Slush Pile is a new and exciting contest coming up in May of this year – details to be posted most likely right after the Penman Shipwreck has washed ashore πŸ™‚

  40. Lori Says:

    Project Slush Pile was inspired by the reality show Project Runway. Can you rise to the top of the pile?

  41. Pete Tzinski Says:

    Project Slush Pile will actually have more of a visible and on-purpose competitive edge, where the Debacle and the Shipwreck weren’t designed for it. It’ll be so, so cool, everything I’ve heard about it.

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