The Penman Shipwreck

shipwreck-banner3.jpg– Mission Statement –

“Serious writers doing serious writing with pens . . . Seriously”

So, here we are, at the end of the Penman Shipwreck’s inaugural run! Three writers entered, and . . . um . . . well turns out two had to drop out the other day.


Alas, the Penman Shipwreck is over. I stand alone on the beach, feeling a little weird, feelin’ a little — how shall I say — VICTORIOUS!? Well, no, I can’t be named the winner. Pete and Tori had to drop out (well they didn’t HAVE to, I didn’t make them, yanno, with all my crazy trashy-type talk or nufin’) But even writers have lives, and a writer’s life must always take precedence over a writing contest, even this one.

Yeah, it shocks me, too.

But you know what – I really am a winner because this contest got me handwriting again. It showed me that I still can, physically, hold a pen and work through the aching. I’m back in love with notebooks, and pens, and I’ve discovered that my contest novel, Ether, not only is totally rocking, but it wants to be hand written. Yeah, I can’t stop, even with the contest lying motionless at the bottom of the ocean, I’m going to keep on writing in my big paper notebook until Ether is done.

Okay, sure, the second draft will most likely be on the computer. That’s when I’ll have the benefit of retyping it with edits. And it’s going to take me longer to complete the novel than it would if I wrote the whole first draft on the PC, but I can’t dictate how these things turn out. And Ether, as it turns out, wants to be a handwritten novel.

So all in all, while the contest didn’t draw crowds, and even the competitors got lost at sea, I’m happy. I made it, 31 days of handwriting, and going strong. I’ll save the last piece of paper to stuff into this empty bottle of Captain Morgan and send my queries in.

But stay tuned, because next up is Project Slush Pile. A writing contest guaranteed to deliver thrills, chills, and more than a few writers popping pills !

And mark my words, Watson, The Great Ship Penman will rise from the sea and sail again.


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