Freedom of Icky Speech

I know I just posted the other day, and it’s really soon for another post. And I know that maybe you’re getting sick of reading things that I find around the ‘net and put here. But I put ’em here with the good intention that you might enjoy reading them, and they might educate and improve your life. IT’s what I try to do with my life all the time.

Anyway, today I want to explain the only political view I hold that I’ll actually argue and defend and care about. And I want to do it through the modicum of Neil Gaiman, who has more or less said what I believe, word for word, more eloquently and importantly than I could ever hope to.

Please, go read what he’s just posted.

It’s important. It’s vitally important to me, not only as a lover of comics all across the range, but as a lover of books, and as a writer. Freedom of Speech is so important, there isn’t an italicize button strong enough for me to emphasize that for you. All I can do is keep repeating it: freedom of speech is SO important.

ANd the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is just as vitally important…because comic books are a quiet battleground that nobody’s watching and as a result, bad things happen there (read, in the Neil Gaiman article, what he says about Mike Diana. And then maybe, please, go google him and Boiled Angel and see what happened.). What happens in comics can be appalling and almost cartoonish in how heinously wrong it is. But it happens there.

We think that censorship and book-banning is a thing of the past, what those primitives used to do before the 1950s. We don’t have a really great sense of history and time, in our culture and perhaps in our species. But book banning is still alive and well. Why not go look at the Banned Books list for the past few years? And understand that this isn’t just some “Top Ten” list, this is a list of books people are fighting to not allow to be read. These are books people are fighting against the authors and the publishers, as if they were an actual crime.

You have to fight for the books. All of them.

I can’t urge you strongly enough to get a membership with the CBLDF. Honestly, if you hit your head and are a bit disoriented and considering getting me a Christmas present…go get yourself a CBLDF membership. That’s as good as gold to me. And if you aren’t big in comics, what about the First Amendment Rights group? There are other groups out there, fighting for freedom of speech. And they are all stretched and straining. You don’t hear it in the news (and when you do, it’s always against the work) but it’s a quiet battleground full of bloody, bloody battles that never quit. Why not send some aid to the troops?

Speak up with them, while you still can speak at all. Please.

Again, go read Neil Gaiman’s post.

And may I suggest a meme out of this? Either post a link to the Neil Gaiman article — or to this article — on your own blog. Post a link and then discuss, as I have, why freedom of speech matters to you and what you think of it. And encourage people yourself. Even if you can’t afford to support the organizations…thanks to them, you’ve got a voice, and you can holler with it. Why not go holler from some rooftops and see if you can get some of the other voices in the neighborhood to howl at the moon too?



Conversations: But do zombies drink tea?

PETE: Gflurp? urp? Skurp? Tea?

KRISTINE: Yes, I want tea.

So the cable interwebbie people tell me the signal I’m receiving is perfect and strong and lovely, so the issue is MINE ALL MINE! Sheesh. I guess it’s time to go deep system diving this weekend and find out what’s going on.

Then I can b’splode the world!!!

PETE: It’s all on your end, huh? Interesting.

(Of course, it could still be on Wavecable’s end, you never know. I know around here, Charter is less than wonderful about communicating with itself, let alone us. They assured us that the business port we needed was open when, in fact, they hadn’t bothered to check. It was closed. It took a lot of yelling to get them to open it.)

Try unplugging everything and leaving it unplugged for a bit, and then setting it all back up?
Alternatively — assuming you have cable internet — it could be a problem with the wall socket itself that the cable is coming out of. Internet is so much more fickle a thing than TV, if the cable is pulling loose, or there’s a problem inside the socket, that could do it. Like a short-circuit that keeps flickering in and out of existence, except that every time it flickers, it eats your internet connection.

KRISTINE: Well this happened once before, but my green lights were blinking – turned out to be a squirrel had chewed through the cable outside the house.

I’m going to unplug the router when I get home and leave it unplugged for several minutes, maybe even all through dinner, then plug it back in – see if that works. If not, then I’ll try completely reconfiguring the modem/router thingie – start from scratch. If that doesn’t do it, then I’ll have to insist they come out – they’ll charge me though, since they swear it’s not their issue. Friggin’ people.

This is why I don’t have cable TV.

Alternately, I’m going to find an ethenet cable and attach that way, see if that works – if so then it’s my router for sure.

PETE: If it works via Ethernet cable, then it’s your router, or the cable running from your router to the wall.

(I’ve had problems with that more than anything else.)

The green lights blink for so many damn things, I swear they’re useless as status lights…

LORI: Earthquake. Aftershocks. Intermittent power outages. Laptop battery needs replaced. Boil order. Lori’s day.

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